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BIA Levy Update 2022

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City Council passed the motion on Friday, December 17, 2021 related to providing a 50% levy reduction for business association members. It passed 10-3. This initiative was through advocacy work done with the Edmonton BIA Council and is funded through over $8 million in COVID-19 relief so it will not affect the 2022 Municipal Budget.

Councillor Salvador moved the motion and spoke very well to the value and Councillor Stevenson clarified that this is a tax above and beyond what other businesses pay and reminded everyone that they still pay property tax. A big thanks to Mayor Sohi and the majority of Council including our Councillor Knack. This will mean that all business in our BIA will only pay 50% of the proposed BIA levy for 2022. Some of you will recall that last year our businesses received a 100% deduction, so if your business paid in advance last year you can request a refund or have it applied to this year’s reduced levy. As many of our business members are still recovering from this two-year pandemic, support for local businesses from this Council is a strong gesture to supporting businesses during this time and certainly is helpful as we enter 2022 with passion and hope to build back better.

Stay tuned for more information.