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Business Profile: Corner Pharmacy & Clinic


Get to Know Your Stony Plain Road: Corner Pharmacy & Clinic

Corner Pharmacy is a well known pharmacy that has been located in the West End of Edmonton for the past 40 years. We spoke with Amir Ibrahim, one of the owners and manager of Corner Pharmacy to learn more about this SPR business!

Amir works with a team of pharmacists and pharmacy assistants who are well experienced, highly knowledgeable, and are able to provide exceptional customer service, all the while having the willingness to go the extra mile for patient care. Amir manages the day-to-day operations including accurate preparation and dispensing of medication, administration of injections and provision of services according to the college and practice standards. As a pharmacist who holds an APA (Additional Prescribing Authorization), he is also able to provide counselling and care to patients.

Amir purchased Corner Pharmacy in 2015, and a few months later renovated by adding a clinic within the location. A few additional services were also added to the operation since the purchase such as injections, flu shots, and prescribing services. The business is now referred to as the Corner Pharmacy and Clinic. The pharmacy is open seven days a week and the clinic is open six days a week with two physicians. Physicians are currently accepting new patients and they provide manual billing. Pharmacists are able to extend certain prescriptions and order lab work to patients if needed.

Due to the Valley Line West LRT project, Corner Pharmacy has relocated their business across the street from their original location to 10118 156 St NW.

“The pandemic has an impact on all businesses,” states Amir, “In our case, we were able to cater to patients’ needs by offering free of charge medication delivery to those who cannot make it to the pharmacy.”

The business has outsourced additional delivery companies to make sure our patients have their medication at the right time. They are also currently providing a weekly visit check-in service to a senior home. Although, once the pandemic gets under control, they will provide this service over the phone or when patients visit the pharmacy.

“Over the last 10 months, things have become tougher,” Amir tells us, “However, we have managed to do some adjustments to our operational system: we have split our team into two incase anything happens.”

You can reach out to Corner Pharmacy and Clinic at 780-489-5526.
Ask about free delivery. They are also currently accepting new patients.