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Meet Our New Recruitment Specialist

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Meet Our New Recruitment Specialist!  

The Stony Plain Road BA is proud to welcome our new Recruitment Specialist, James Wilson to our SPR team! James will be working closely with business retention and recruitment on Stony Plain Road! 

You can reach out  to James at engagement.spr@gmail.com

Learn more about James: 

“Before immigrating to Edmonton in 2013, I grew up in a large town in Northern England called Middlesbrough. My parents tell me that the reason we moved to Canada was so that we would have a better quality of life. So far, living in Edmonton has been an amazing experience that has allowed me to meet people that I will have in my life forever. I am extremely passionate about Business because it relies on many moving parts that are crucial to achieving an end result. I would say I’m an extremely curious individual that likes to ask questions about pretty much everything in order to gain more knowledge. In my spare time, I  love to cook new meals that I have never tried before. My goal in life is to visit as many countries as possible so that I can experience different cultures from around the world.”