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SPR: Emerge Artist – Jenelle Leblanc

SPR Emerge Jenelle Leblanc

Tell us more about the piece you will be submitting to SPR:Emerge. 

This piece is a display of businesses in Stony Plain Road flourishing and growing. Stony Plain Road is a vibrant area, and this piece shows the community in full bloom. Everyone is welcome, the doors are open, and people can walk and bike to visit their favorite shop. Businesses have been remarkably resilient this past year and a half, just as plants are able to grow in changing conditions. 

What makes you passionate about art?

I am passionate about art because it is a great way to express and find yourself. It is so rewarding to see an idea in your head come to life on paper. 

How can art bring together a community? 

Art brings together communities because you can see the area through someone else’s eyes. The more people there are creating and showing their art, the more perspectives are seen and understood. Art is an amazing way to bring together a community.

How long have you been creating art for? 

I started pursuing art more seriously in high school, which lead me to study Design at MacEwan for four years. 

Which business will be displaying your art? 

Apache Seeds

Where can people find you online?

My portfolio is JenelleDesign.com

You can also find me on Instagram @jenelledesign