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SPR: Emerge Artist – Paul Twa

SPR Emerge Paul Twa

Tell us more about the piece you will be submitting to SPR:Emerge.

The piece I am submitting is a graphic colour-blocked painting that is inspired by the street pole banners that line Stony Plain Road. The stars and rectangles that decorate these banners have been deconstructed and re-arranged in the painting, creating an implied central meeting point. The forms overlap and converge in an energetic and modern way to reflect Stony Plain Road’s future in Edmonton.

What makes you passionate about art?

I like how visual art impacts so much of the world around us, from the signs on the street, the
public art in parks, and the images inside our homes. These visuals create so many memories
for people. Art can be a landmark, express the identity of a place, or simply add some delight
into our lives. A piece of art contributes to the larger visual culture of our time and in that way
will hold and evolve in its meaning over the years. It helps us construct the identity of these
places we inhabit, and ourselves, and there is unlimited potential in what this could look like

How can art bring together a community?

Art brings people together with its ability to integrate into our everyday lives. Art can create a
shared sense of place between people. Two people from very different backgrounds can come across the same piece of art and bring their own interpretations to it and have a rich conversation because of that. When art is created specifically about a place, it has the opportunity to become a shared symbol for a community and perhaps visualize the tangible and intangible elements about what makes that place meaningful.

How long have you been creating art for?

I have been working professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator for the past 3+ years,
but I have been creating art, in one way or another, all my life!

Which business will be displaying your art?

Select Cannabis (10124 149 St)

Where can people find you online? (Fb, or website etc.)

Website: paultwa.com
Instagram: @paultwa
Tiktok: @paultwa

A special thanks to Paul Twa for designing our SPR: Emerge map and header!