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SPR: Emerge Artist – San Juson

SPR Emerge San Juson

Tell us more about the piece you will be submitting to SPR:Emerge. 

The piece I submitted for SPR: Emerge is a simple idea of a community being uplifted by its people. I wanted to really emphasize that main concept. The spherical map withheld represents the community; the deconstructed style of the sphere represents not only the current SPR community but also the future. I wanted to imply that the level of collaboration and connection the community has would remain the same for years to come.

What makes you passionate about art?

I think the most interesting part about creating art is the process of creating something in the first place. It’s a balance of the current skillset you have plus your imagination. I love learning new skills to apply to my projects and continuously push my mind to be more imaginative/creative.  It’s also really cool to see something in your head come to life right in front of you. A combination of those aspects makes me really passionate about art. 

How can art bring together a community? 

Art tells a story and carries meaning. That can differ from person to person. I think that’s what brings together a community—a conversation and collaboration with each other.

How long have you been creating art? 

I always drew as a kid since I like telling stories. I made little flipbook animations that evidently led me to pursue an animation diploma. Now I’m trying to understand how to tell a story through just one frame. 

Which business will be displaying your art? 

Cafe Neo! Incredibly cool place to hang out, and they also have excellent coffee. 

Where can people find you online? (Fb, or website, etc.)

Hit me up in Instagram: @_sanmjay
Be sure to say hi!