Business Highlight: Capital Second Hand


Capital Second Hand is more than just a store – it's a portal to the past and a treasure trove for the community. Established in June 2023 by Susan Yedgaro, the store offers a captivating collection of antiques and pop culture favourites that spark nostalgia and ignite memories.

"Every item has a story to tell," Susan says, and her customers wholeheartedly agree. Whether it's a cherished childhood toy or a piece reminiscent of a grandparent's home, Capital Second Hand offers a unique experience that transcends shopping.


A Family Legacy Of Second Chances

Susan comes from a family steeped in the second-hand business. Her father owns West End Exchange, a prominent establishment in the city with a rich history. This family legacy and Susan's passion for giving pre-loved items a new life led her to open Capital Second Hand on Stony Plain Road.


A Destination for Treasure Hunters and Budget-Conscious Shoppers

The store caters to a diverse clientele. From nostalgia seekers looking for pop culture icons to new immigrant families and individuals seeking quality yet affordable items for their homes, Capital Second Hand offers something special for everyone.

The store even caters to those who prefer yesteryear's technology. Here you can find a classic ghetto blaster or a reliable tube TV, a delightful surprise for those who don't necessarily crave the latest gadgets.


Challenges and Hope

Susan, like many other business owners on Stony Plain Road, has faced challenges due to the ongoing LRT construction. While she acknowledges the potential benefits the LRT will bring to the neighbourhood, the current disruption is undeniable. Limited access, detours, and a less inviting streetscape have taken a toll on foot traffic.

However, Susan remains hopeful. She emphasises the importance of clear communication, timely planning, and support for local businesses during such disruptive projects.


A Passion for Sustainability and Connection

Capital Second Hand is a champion for sustainability. By promoting reuse and recycling, the store encourages a more conscious approach to consumption. They also strive to build strong relationships with their customers, fostering a welcoming environment where people can explore unique finds and rediscover the joy of collecting.


Looking to the Future

Despite the current hurdles, Susan's dedication to the community and her passion for pre-loved treasures shine through. Capital Second Hand is a valuable asset to the neighbourhood, and with its commitment to sustainability and customer connection, it's well-positioned to thrive in the years to come.


So, next time you're looking for a treasure hunt or simply want to experience the magic of second-hand finds, head on over to Capital Second Hand. You might just discover a piece of history or a memory waiting to be rekindled!