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The Really Good Shoe Store: Kunitz Shoes

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Megan Lala

There is a new addition to the diverse array of businesses on Stony Plain Road this Spring. Kunitz Shoes has opened their most recent location at 10046 167 St. They are very excited to continue serving their long-term customers as well as new shoppers in the community. I spoke with Morgan Kuntiz, Co-Owner of Kunitz Shoes, to find out more about the business. Morgan and her brother, Everett, run Kuntiz shoes along with their parents and founders of the business, Dwane and Darlene Kunitz. The business is truly a family-run operation as Morgan does most of the buying and day-to-day operations, Everett does a lot of marketing and long-term planning, Dwane is the heart of the business and Darlene keeps things running with accounting.

Kunitz Shoes was not always the shoe store that most Edmontonians know today. The business started as a kids shoe store called Kobber King in Heritage Mall in 1981. After a decade, the store expanded to offer shoes for the whole family and was renamed Kunitz Shoes.

“My dad felt that if you had your name on the store, it was sure to hold you accountable,” states Kunitz.

Kunitz Shoes has operated a store in the Downtown Edmonton core for nearly 20 years. The business’ run in that location was coming to an end and they looked to what was next in the business cycle. They asked their customers where they would like to see a location and the overwhelming response was the west-end.

“We are in excellent company on all sides here with Pacesetter Ski, Astros Restaurant and other well established businesses,” says Kunitz, “We can feel that this move is the right direction
and we know that the combination of really good shoes and really good people is a match made in heaven.”

Over the years, many customers have had a hard time pronouncing the name Kunitz Shoes. The team would hear people calling the store ‘that really good shoe store’ and so, ‘really good shoes’ became the store’s mantra and is infused in everything they do. The store specializes in stylish, comfortable, walkable shoes that are brought in from all over the world for men, women and kids.

“Our customers are such a joy and I feel like seeing them everyday has kept me going. Even during full shutdown, helping people over the phone was the highlight of my day,” states Kunitz, “The support we have had over the last year has been so incredible and I now really see how what we built in the community matters to people.”

For any businesses wanting to expand or open during these uncertain times, Kunitz had this to offer:

“All of our expansions and growth in our last 40 year history have been during recessions. It’s a time to reflect and reinvest back in yourself. There are opportunities in the market whether it is a great new location or sourcing new products for people, the market is hungry and if you are able to invest now, the return on the other side can be great.”

Kunitz Shoes is a 2nd generation, family-owned and operated business and they are thrilled to be taking the next step in their business with the Stony Plain Road community behind them.

10046 167 St
FB: @Kunitzshoes
Instagram: @kunitz_shoes

Megan Lala is the Communications Coordinator for the Stony Plain Road Business Association and is the Editor of SPANN.