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Making Instagram Work for You – Reels & Stories

Linda Blog Post

Making Instagram Work For You - Reels & Stories

Linda Blog Post

Today's world of social media can be daunting - especially if you're not sure what to do, or how to do it!  Fear not, for Linda Hoang is here!  Linda is a blogger and social media strategist who has a wealth of information to help you create and maintain an online social media presence. She emphasizes that the easiest way to get to know Instagram is to get your feet wet and try it out. Check out two of her excellent introductory videos to using Instagram below, and unlock the potential of social media's reach for your business today!

Linda Insta Reels

Instagram Reels

In this video, Linda explains what Instagram Reels are, how they are used, and how quick they are to create!  Instagram Reels offer a wide selection of built in features that allow you to easily select elements and save them for future use. Linda provides a great overview of the various ways in which businesses use Instagram Reels, while emphasizing that video-based posts provide the best high-engagement reach to your potential audience.

Linda Insta Stories

Instagram Stories

While Instagram Reels take a bit more time and planning to create, Instagram Stories offer short 24-hour posts that can be more off the cuff, fun, and in the moment. You can also insert features within your Stories, such as interactive buttons, links, polls, countdowns, and more features that provide the ability for your customers and you to engage more directly.  And the best part is that you can save your favourite and most successful Instagram Stories as a Highlight within your Instagram Profile so they last longer!