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Why SPR is a great choice for your business

Becoming a part of the SPR community brings exciting and unique opportunities within the near future. As the West Valley LRT undergoes development, business owners along SPR will soon be exposed to a heavy influx of pedestrians. The development of the LRT system will transform the area into a more walkable, street-oriented place for people to live, work and play. Stony Plain Road will transform from a light service arterial route, to an established transit centre with an assortment of transportation modes, thriving shopping areas, cafes, restaurants and many other establishments for people to explore.

Stony Plain Road is home to some of the very best food, wellness and culture In Edmonton. This BIA also has many service options from sports and recreation shops and services to strong historical ties to automobile garages and service.SPR is an area with significant new developments happening now and being planned over the next 20 years. Development and Building permits are increasing as investors, developers, and entrepreneurs see the significant potential of our area. It is centrally located, easily accessible from all parts of the Edmonton Capital Region by all modes of transportations, has lots of free and accessible parking, walkable streets, bike lanes, close connections to the river valley trails, and intersecting neighbourhoods with over 80,000 residents, and really fair leasing rates. As Edmonton’s population grows so will the attractiveness of this west central region.