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Business Retention and Recruitment

This year SPR has been working towards creating more strategic approaches to supporting our current businesses (many have a long history within Jasper Place) and attracting new businesses within our area. We know that a successful and vibrant business area requires a great mix of diverse businesses. Building upon this we want to create a strong business mix to support SPR as a 15 minute area for so many residents in west and central Edmonton. We also acknowledge that building a strong MainStreet also means that businesses feel that they are an important part of our community. We are working with our members to improve the sense of connectedness and community within SPR.

This Business Retention and Recruitment strategy includes activation of street and place making to heighten the walkability and desire of people to come to SPR and not just drive through it. This includes new murals, public art, storefront activations, and other infrastructures to attract people to walk, visit and purchase things. This strategy is truly about making our businesses as successful as possible because when small and medium businesses prosper the community prospers.