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By 1913, the area to the immediate west of Edmonton was two communities: Jasper Place, just across the city's boundary at 142nd St. and West Jasper Place, between 149th St. and 156th St. on Stony Plain Road. However, in 1913 the City of Edmonton annexed Jasper Place and extended the city's boundaries to 149th St, leaving West Jasper Place as a loosely administered ward of the Stony Plain municipality. Edmonton's post Second World War population boom and ensuing housing shortage caused West Jasper Place to grow dramatically, and by 1948 with a population of 4000 was termed the largest hamlet in Alberta.

In 1950, the Village of West Jasper Place was incorporated with a population of 9000 and James Stone was elected the village's first mayor. In 1951, electors opted to incorporate as a town and renamed the community Jasper Place. Jasper Place's close proximity to Edmonton and its progressive platform towards development and by-laws such as night shopping caused the town to continue to grow and by 1964 was the largest town in all of Canada with a population of 38 000. In 1964, due to a desire to provide better services to its citizens, the town was amalgamated into the City of Edmonton. (From City of Edmonton Archives)

Today, there are many aspects of our history and the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the SPR Business Association and our over 500 businesses. We are a growing mainstreet district with almost every service and business experience you need and is becoming a favourite regional 15 minute district for central west Edmontonians.

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