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What is a BIA?

Stony Plain Road Business Association (Stony Plain Road & Area Business Revitalization Zone) is a Business Improvement Area (BIA) which was created through Bylaw 14125 through The City of Edmonton in November 2005. The Area is located within the area bounded by 140 Street and 100 Avenue and 102 Avenue, centred along Stony Plain Road, to the east side (north travelling) side of 170 Street and 100 Avenue and 104 Avenue. In Edmonton, BRZ was changed to BIA on July 1, 2016

Stony Plain Road Business Association and The City of Edmonton share a commitment to build a vibrant economy. Various areas within the City administration support BIAs in advancing economic development and meeting their operating requirements.

Business Improvement Areas (BIA) are a specific geographic area of the city in which businesses pool resources and work together, through a formal association, to enhance the economic development of their area. In accordance with Alberta's Municipal Government Act, the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Improvement Area is established for the purposes of:

  • Improving, beautifying, and maintaining property in the Area
  • Developing, improving, and maintaining public parking
  • Promoting the Stony Plain Road Business Improvement Area as a business or shopping district via marketing, special events, and communications.


For businesses that are within the geographical area you pay a levy to the City of Edmonton based upon your net annual rental value is based on factors recognized in the marketplace such as space type, location, quality of space and size. The typical net annual rental value is based on averages in the marketplace and may not necessarily be the same as the actual rent paid for the space.

BIAs operate as non-profit corporations. Programs, services and operations of each BIA are financed by the BIA tax. BIAs submit operating budgets annually to the City of Edmonton for review and approval by City Council.

Council of BIAs

  • The Edmonton Council of Business Improvement Areas consists of 13 diverse commercial districts with equal representation and represents approximately 25% of the total number of businesses in the City of Edmonton. Using a consensus method, the BIA Council markets, promotes, and advocates for the BIAs of Edmonton and encourages economic development and growth in the 13 commercial areas. The BIA Council will use its collective voice and strength to build relationships and increase awareness among stakeholders.
  • The Edmonton Council of Business Improvement Area aims to celebrate the diversity of the BIAs and their unique contributions to making Edmonton a livable and vibrant city with walk-able social spaces.
  • The 13 Business Improvement Areas in the City of Edmonton are: Alberta Avenue Business Association, Beverly Business Association, Chinatown Business Association, Downtown Business Association, Fort Road Business Association, French Quarter Business Association, Kingsway District Association, Northedge Business Association, Northwest Industrial Business Association, Old Strathcona Business Association, Stony Plain Road Business Association, 124th Street and Area Business Association, and The Crossroads Business Association.