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SPR: Emerge Artist – CJ Harrison

SPR Emerge CJ Harrison

Tell us more about the piece you will be submitting to SPR:Emerge. 

Hares and Seasons is a piece that utilizes a medium called cut paper. Stencils made with computer graphics were used to cut colored construction paper which was then assembled with glue. The design of the piece is intended to look angular and modern. 

What makes you passionate about art?

Art is incredibly fun and relaxing for me, stimulating my brain and forcing me to make hundreds of small decisions which then add up to a final product! 

How can art bring together a community? 

Art provides a basis for discussion and increases a communities pride and stake in the spaces they exist in.

How long have you been creating art for? 

I began drawing with pencils and paper when I was around four years old and began my interest in digital art when I was thirteen years old. Since then, I have learned a variety of mediums and am particularly interested in the intersection of digital and traditional artwork. 

Which business will be displaying your art? 

Variant Edition Graphic Novels and Comics 

Where can people find you online? (Fb, or website etc.) 

Find me on Instagram at @silethaaa