SPR Marketing Survey

Stony Plain Road Business Association is currently taking initiative in creating a desirable atmosphere for the visitors of Stony Plain Road. We understand that there are certain frustrations which withhold people’s preference for choosing to shop in our area in comparison to other shopping and service areas. To begin our journey of improvement, we must first identify who exactly enjoys visiting our neighborhood then determine how we can make their experience(s) with our businesses and recreational activities the best they could possibly be.  We have created a target market acquisition survey, which will help us Identify Stony Plain Road’s ideal consumer. The importance of our new survey gives us a grasp on the characteristics of not only who is currently visiting SPR, but also who would be interested but haven’t yet. We then want to eliminate all factors which are holding them back from visiting Stony Plain Road and find a suitable plan which will make the area enticing to this crowd. The more responses we get, the more accurate our data will be which will tailor our next few steps in making Stony Plain Road a must-visit location.

This activity will benefit the members of our BIA since after the survey and the in-depth interviews, we will have a clear target audience to shift strategies towards in unison. This will essentially create a template for our marketing strategies, as well as set the groundwork for the specific strategies for our members moving forward. These strategies will result in more pedestrian traffic and more sales.

Take the Survey here: https://forms.gle/9hwXVBzU9XmAAf13A