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Summer Student Position: Marketing Assistant

Marketing Assistant

Eight weeks at 35 hours a week  or 12 weeks @24 hours weekly. 

$17.50 hourly

The Marketing Assistant works directly to deepen membership engagement by focusing on the goal of expanding the depth and frequency that members engage with our activities and events. Targeting projects to enhance a greater sense of involvement / ownership with our members. The tasks include reaching out to members and updating contacts and information in a new database; creating surveys and other tools to communicate with our members; and taking this information to develop and implement ideas with staff and Board members. This position is open to extending the length of contract with reduced hours. These ideas will be implemented over September – April and may lead to a part-time for this youth throughout the year, after this funded position. This position will involve outreach and communications that will be governed by safe health practices involving distanced, proper PPE, and digital technologies.

To apply for this position, email a Cover Letter and resume to director@stonyplainroad.com

Deadline To Apply: Thursday, 27 May 2021.