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Introducing Our Newest Team Members – 2024

We are thrilled to introduce the newest members of the Stony Plain Road Business Association team. Our organization is dedicated to revitalizing and promoting the vibrant community along Stony Plain Road, and these new hires will bring fresh energy and innovative ideas to our efforts. Please join us in welcoming them to our family!



Jacklyn Rocha PFP

Jacklyn is a “West End Girl” at heart (thanks, Pet Shop Boys!), born and raised a stone’s throw away from West Edmonton Mall. She has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Alberta. During her studies, Jacklyn worked as a communications intern for multiple non-profit organizations, dedicated to using storytelling to build an awareness of resources for folks in local communities. Excited to grow her career in marketing, she is determined to contribute her passion for discovery, listening, and creativity to SPR. Jacklyn enjoys reading, attempting to end the habit of endlessly scrolling on social media, and stumbling upon new hobbies.



Xander Pickering PFP

Xander is an Edmonton born-and-raised developer and creator with a knack for thinking, but passion for anything that doesn't require much of it. He is currently working towards a Bachelor's in Computer Science at MacEwan University, and spends quite a bit of his time during school session amped up on coffee in the school library. His lack of professional experience is rivalled only by his even bigger lack of creativity, and he spends a lot of his personal time coming up with ideas that have already been done (which are also typically much better than his). When he's not a campus zombie, you'll find him writing overly-moody guitar songs, pretending he went to Juniors on the ODR, and ignoring the pain in his fingertips at the climbing gym. He hopes to one day break this cycle of monotony and transition to the next - corporate politics and becoming a "contributing member of society" (whatever that means).

Zainab Abdullahi



Zainab is the Special Events coordinator at Stony Plain Road Business Association. With a passion for bringing people together, creating events like Music in the Park is designed to be a special experience for everyone.