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Chocolate, Coffee, Art: Ch.Cafeteria

Everything Came Together

For Nadia and her husband Vincent, Ch. Cafeteria just seemed to fall into place. Having worked with chocolate for years in her home country of Mexico, they wanted to share the specific brands and sources of chocolate they had found, finding coffee the perfect pairing. Upon coming to Edmonton, Nadia noticed the cute building located at 14802 Stony Plain Road. When she and her business partners decided to open a cafe, Nadia noticed a for lease sign at the same location. Seeming like it was “meant to be”, a viewing was made for the next day. Today, Ch. represents Nadia’s values: A “friendly over fancy” place to experience natural chocolates, meet with friends, and make memories.

We Have To Meet LRT Construction Head On

Nadia knows that cities grow, and as such, development of projects such as the Valley Line West LRT cannot be stopped. “I probably have it the easiest compared to some of my compatriots, who are boxed in on the south side of the street with no turning lane for traffic coming in the opposite direction” says Nadia. With some businesses closing, or under the threat of, it can be difficult for her to see. “We haven’t had to pivot so hard as others” she says, knowing that construction will eventually shift to the north side of Stony Plain Road, “…we must adapt as it comes”.

A Brighter Future

Despite the challenges, Nadia is hopeful for the future of Stony Plain Road. While offering detour information to customers and participating in local events, Nadia is also considering putting up a new attractive sign to stand out. She’s particularly looking forward to an inviting and clean streetscape, one that is representative of the character of the neighbourhood. She’s optimistic towards the foot traffic the LRT will bring. Moreover, she is aware of the need for local community growth – “We can belong here, and contribute to that sense of belonging” on Stony Plain Road, and actively engages other local businesses to collaborate.

A Unique Local Favourite!

With their unique, house-made chocolates and coffee, Ch. Cafe is a favourite local gathering spot, one that strives to be a safe space for individuals of all walks of life. Acting as a maker space, Nadia ensures local art is consistently on display and available for purchase. With an attitude seeking excitement from the uncommon and unconventional, Ch. continues its legacy as the little cafe that could.

Ch. Cafeteria
14802 Stony Plain Rd
Tuesday-Saturday 9:30-18:30
Sunday 9:30-17:00