RFTR Construction 126-156

Construction Update: 129th – 156th Street

Marigold Infrastructure Partners has provided an update of the scope of  work for several key areas and intersections.  Read on for a summary of construction work planned between 129th Street and 156th Street.

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Stony Plain Road Bridge

  • Work will continue over the winter and is on track to open by fall 2024


Stony Plain Road closure between 129-139 Street:

  • All cross streets reopening by end of November 2023
  • Temporary paving will be in place in 2023
  • Permanent paving will be done in 2024 and lane restrictions will be necessary during this time
  • Pedestrian access will be restored on the south side of the road
  • 134 St will be reopened to North and South traffic
  • Most cross streets will be right in/right out once reopened
  • 132, 134, 138 St will be controlled intersections in the final design
  • Connaught Dr will be right in/left out for this season


Stony Plain Road between 138-142 St

  • Drainage work began in mid-October 2023
  • Reopening northbound to eastbound right turn bay on 142 St and Stony Plain Road
  • Reopening a second eastbound lane on 102 Ave


Stony Plain Road between 142-156 St

  • Reopening northbound to eastbound right turn bay on 149 St at SPR
  • Reopening a second northbound through lane on 149 St
  • Reopening access to and from SPR on south side of 151 St and 154 St
  • Pouring sidewalks near buildings on south SPR between 152-154 St