Placemaking: Electrical Box Murals Along SPR

As a part of a placemaking initiative taking place over the next three years, the Stony Plain Road Business Association has commissioned two artists for eight electrical box murals in the area. With this initiative we hope to not place the focus only around history but rather bringing colour and vibrancy throughout all seasons.

With the 23 electrical boxes within the Stony Plain Road Business Association, keep an eye out for more murals over the next few years!

Read more about Lonigan Gilbert and Roger Garcia and their work below!

About the Artist

Lonigan Gilbert is an interdisciplinary Cree visual artist, member of Fisher River Cree Nation in Treaty 5 Territory (Manitoba). Raised in Winnipeg, Treaty 1 Territory, he currently resides in Amiskwacîwâskahikan(Edmonton), Treaty 6 Territory.
The body of work has been abstract-expressionist paintings featuring mixed media on various surfaces from canvas to wood panel or recycled materials while ranging to sculpture as well.
The central focus of the artwork has the details of daily life with positives and negatives showcased in portraits or landscapes covered in symbology and words meant to ask questions from more than one perspective for the benefit of the viewer.
With art being shared in mind many pieces and studies find their way into the streets of downtown, typically on a park bench or street post and are free to adopt, while the larger pieces have occupied the local gallery spaces gracious enough to represent.


Electrical box artwork by Lonigan Gilbert
Yoshi is located near the intersection of 163rd Avenue & Stony Plain Road.
Portrait of my moms dog Yoshi, while still a puppy she behaves as a venerable member of society. This piece took some time in terms of texture to dry and paint knives to clean however if you look closely you will see the rare use of metallic paint in my work.

White Buffalo

Electrical box artwork by Lonigan Gilbert
White Buffalo is located near the intersection of 100 Avenue & 167th Street.
The White Buffalo is a symbol of abundance and manifestation, to coincide our actions with our prayers in a way that provides for us all. Producing this piece used spray paint with no stencils for the can, the sharp geometric forms are acrylic layers from cut tape.

Western Where

Electrical Box with artwork by Lonigan Gilbert
Western Where is located near 170th Street & Mayfield Road.
Alberta is the Texas of the North and sure acts like it, there are many cool boot shops in the city though this piece was inspired largely by mid-century modern advertising and animation style. Fittingly this was gifted to a country singer family member.

Home Run Nock

Electrical box artwork by Lonigan Gilbert
Home Run Nock is located near 170th Street & Stony Plain Road.
Study of a larger piece also featuring Anubis at a carnival, this time with background colours reversed and a more intense flare.

About the Artist

roger garcia
Roger Garcia is a self-taught freelance illustrator and art educator based out of Edmonton committed to giving back to the community and sharing his skills. A refugee from El Salvador, Roger and his family escaped to Canada in the 1980’s fleeing civil war. Currently, he’s working on a personal comic book about his late dog and father.

Hungry Zine

Electrical box artwork by Roger Garcia
Hungry Zine is located near 167th Street & Stony Plain Road.

This cover illustration for Hungry Zine issue #4: Restaurants, was inspired by all the content featured in this issue. From Red Robin's, to a pizza place in Millwoods to Golden Dragon restaurant in Saskatoon. It's a hefty sandwich that I wouldn't eat.

PAchin Running

Electrical box artwork by Roger Garcia
Pechin Running is located near 100 Avenue & 170th Street.
This illustration is based on an animation I created of my late dog Pachin running in 8 frames. I also had the opportunity to paint a mural to honor him on Churchill Square in 2021 with these exact images.