Ritualistics: Honouring the Human Body and Experience

Keeping it real

Since 1998, Noni has been at the helm of Ritualistics. "I personally try to honour the human body and experience, treating it as a temple", says Noni. "Many tattoo and piercing shops (and their customers) are focused on price and time, getting people in and out. I strive to inform and educate - providing visuals, engaging our customers, and ensuring we are taking time for them." As an example, she mentions the importance in discussing aftercare with clients who have new piercings or tattoos.

Noni emphasizes that rapport and energy are needed to engage customers in the present and confirm why they have come, versus a formula that only focuses on the almighty dollar. "That’s why we are appointment based, whether its a tattoo, piercing, or just installing jewelry. This gives us the chance to ensure time for intentional conversation. I want to do things properly, setting standards, with quality before quantity, always."


Noni believes accessibility will be easier when LRT construction is complete, and hopeful that a balance can be found between the existing construction challenges and the time it will take to get there. "We’re a bit off the beaten path from the construction (being located on 158th street), and the odd person may be late for an appointment due to traffic" says Noni. This can cause her some stress, as it impacts the time she has to tend to her clients properly - she may delay the next appointment to ensure her prior booking is properly consulted. "We need to have temperance as we go".


"When we moved to SPR we wanted to be a destination, one that could stand against any negative perceptions of the area". She sees a prettier, more visually appealing district in shape and form. "Just like the vision I hold for my business, I try not to feed into negative environments and mindsets." Noni emphasizes her desire to be a location where people feel honoured and safe - where the respect and care she offers her clients spread into the community of SPR itself.


With over 30 years experience, for Noni, it is the people that make this her job wonderful job. She prides herselve in the ability to fear and help one to transmute it into something empowering. This feeds Noni’s spirit, and she is honored and grateful to those that choose to trust her with their temple.

15804 Stony Plain Rd
Wednesday 1:00-5:00pm
Thursday - Friday 1:00-8:00pm
Saturday 12:00-6:00pm