Square One Coffee: A Winning Brew Formula

Years ago, while at a quaint but busy cafe on a Saturday in Victoria, Jonathan Bronzy and his wife Sarah realized they wanted to replicate that same feeling in Edmonton. Today, Jonathan quotes the theme song of the television show Cheers when describing Square 1 Coffee, "...a bustling, busy morning cafe that sets the tone for the area... where everybody knows your name'".

Launching in 2016 with their Aspen Gardens location, Square One Coffee at Westblock followed in 2020. "We liked what we saw in this area and location - multiple businesses and the community at large surrounding the area, with more development planned. We wanted to be the community hub for the area, filling a niche" says Bronzy. The developer of Westblock agreed; recognizing the importance of having a coffee shop, they worked with Bronzy after a previously planned Starbucks did not go forward during the height of COVID-19. Today, Square 1 Coffee is that anchor destination!

Changing Dynamics

The Valley Line West LRT construction brings its own challenges to a fledgling business. "Since the parking out front along Stony Plain Road has been removed and the fence erected, I estimate that we’re down minimally by 8% this summer (of 2023), could be as high as 10%-15%", says Bronzy. However, he also reports that they have perservered, capitalizing on both their location and the established relationships with their customers and community.

"This area is changing," he states, emphasizing how low density housing is being rezoned out for larger, more dense developments. "The area is becoming more walkable. Winters are usually busier in coffee shops - we are finding the opposite at our Westblock location, which might be due to the developments' increased walkability, making it easier to to go out and do something in the summer.". He also recognizes the brand name of the area, which itself spreads by word of mouth.


At the time of our interview in summer 2023, Jonathan advised how the success of their Westblock location is in part due to it being a social gathering place: A venue that is apolitical, allowing for people to discuss ideas, have conversations, and do their school or business work - A place for planning and thinking of the future.

Since then, a new Mayfield location has opened at 16819 111 Avenue, with plans for another at Windsor Park, at 8709 118 Street. It appears the formula is working quite nicely.

Square 1 Coffee
300-14055 West Block Dr
Monday - Closed
Tuesday 8:00-5pm
Wednesday-Friday 7:00-9:30pm
Saturday 8:00-9:30pm
Sunday 8-3pm