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Storefront Cinema Programming

Storefront Cinema Programming

Welcome to Storefront Cinema! The Stony Plain Road Business Association brings to you two selections (each 20+ minutes in length) of 1-minute short films provided by FAVA (Film & Video Arts Society of Alberta) and the Got a Minute 2021 Film Festival! Enjoy the talent of local artists as they are projected into three storefronts that are part of the Stony Plain Road area! These films will run every night from 7pm to Midnight, from October 7 to 12, 2021! Enjoy, take pictures, use the hashtag #SPRStorefront and tag us on social media (@stonyplainroad). We hope you have a great time!

Alone and Together (110B 300 West Block Drive NW)

TitleFilmmakerFestival YearOriginSynopsis
The TouchAlysha Creighton2014EdmontonAn exploration of the nature of intimacy
A Brief Portrait of a Northern SummerDylan Rhys Howard2015EdmontonThe world, as seen by a young Edmontonian through the lens of an iPhone.
ChangeTom Robinson2015EdmontonSeparated from its lady at the laundromat, an animated change-purse strives to get back to her.
History is a NightmareNashwa Zaman2015EdmontonArchival family photography explores parallels between teh birth of Bangladesh and the lives of women and children whose husbands and fathers are off at sea.
Thinking About NothingJamie McRae2015EdmontonWhen asked what we’re thinking about we say nothing, when deeper down we’re thinking a lot of meaningless things.
You are SpecialHeather Noel2015EdmontonA woman finds a mysterious object and suddenly the world seems a little more threatening.
ClarityCameron Costain2016EdmontonA man begins his morning.
A Day to WanderZoe Sluzar2016EdmontonLife is made for wandering. Follow two young people on their day of laughter, skateboarding, pancakes and enjoying each other’s presence.
The Other SideAnthony Goertz and Robert Latte2016VancouverA day in the life of a young woman and a young man on opposite sides of the world.
IlluminatedAdam Bentley2017EdmontonTwo close friends struggle to connect on a train ride without cell service.
Rain on FlowersCatherine Dubois2017EdmontonWhen a young woman feels an inkling of sadness, flowers grow on her body. She bottles up these emotions and puts them on a shelf.
gnossienneLizzie Derksen2018EdmontonA person does the dishes and sings like no one is watching.(Text adapted from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by John Koenig.)
The Men’s RoomRyan Leedu2018EdmontonA young man explores his emotions in a bathroom mirror.
No Liesb.h. Yael2018TorontoA young girl considers the complex relationships and lessons of growing up in a polygamous household.
Wisdom/WarriorAdam Bentley2018EdmontonLight and dark is not a metaphor for hope and fear. Use what makes you unique to replace injustice and cynicism with wisdom and humanity
Form and FunctionFrederick Kroetch2019EdmontonA look at how humans evaluate possible interactions and affordances through the lens of a shared experience — getting ready.
Hear MeJustin Lewis and Cassandra Hinnegan2019CalgaryOur story follows Marvin who is deaf trying to navigate simple daily tasks while craving human connection.
ShakeOliver MacPhee2019MontrealTwo acquaintances desperately wish they didn’t have to shake hands.
BIRTHDAYCAKEFaizel Janmohamed2020EdmontonA gathering of old friends

Creation and Expression (15501 Stony Plain Road NW & 10025 167 Street)

TitleFilmmakerFestival YearOriginSynopsis
RedbirdLizzie Derksen and Jenna Heinemann2015EdmontonA young woman spends a summer afternoon on a childish but cathartic project.
Season’s ChangeLinnea Ritland2016VancouverA musing on change. Inspired by Bonobo’s song “Stay the Same”.
The Quest in QuestionHeather Noel2016EdmontonA DIY 16mm haptic journey through the thought reservoir.
Dead ChannelParker Thiessen2017EdmontonA train travelling through a post-apocalyptic town
Jet SkyboxTom Robinson2017EdmontonEmpty canvas, meet Scott’s brush.
The Monotonous Adventures of Sir Reginald Esquire IIIDemmi Dupri2017EdmontonSir Reginald the Third Esquire demonstrates the inherent and adventurous dangers involved in the navigation of the suburban sitting room.
Room 11a Ortona ArmouryLindsay McIntyre2017EdmontonThe studio workings behind door 11a in the Ortona Armoury. An ode to a practice and place that should not be forgotten.
Sloping SuburbiaJenna Turner2017EdmontonFloods, fire, fast food. As this stop-motion suburbia encroaches upon nature, disaster strikes again and again.
Cookies!Cole Martin2018EdmontonA man just wants to have a snack.
RecreationCatherine Dubois2018EdmontonTo change the world, you must first change yourself. And changing yourself means destroying the old in order to create the new.
SpringtideHolly Mazur2018EdmontonAs the snow falls on a cold winter evening, dreams of springtime might be closer than you think.
The Surf SuitFrederick Kroetch2018EdmontonCousin Jay attempts to build the world’s first modular surfboard – but will it work?
Chronicles of a MimeShawna Kowski2019OkotoksA mime hangs around doing what mimes do.
Eyes in PassingIan Rowley2019EdmontonThe momentary connections we make while passing through crowds of strangers. Moments of contact not lost, but fragmented in the very recesses of your brain.
Feel the MusicAndrea Beça2019EdmontonHow do we feel music we can’t hear? Can music be fully accessible? Exploring music and movement without sound.
Flour & WaterVicki Van Chau2019CalgaryWith just two ingredients, a chef pulls beautiful strands of noodles.
Kept Progression: CheniseAran Wilkinson-Blanc2019Calgary1 minute reinterpretation from an experimental film dealing with the structure and makeup of digital images.
CupAnthony Goertz2020EdmontonWhat is the story of what you throw away?
SacredAkira Iahtail2020EdmontonElder Elsie Paul shows us how to make her sacred bannock and Métis grease buns.
WhirlwindAdolfo Ruiz2020EdmontonWhirlwind is a hand-drawn animation consisting of over 700 ink drawings, rendered during the early months of the global pandemic.