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SPR: Emerge Artist – Sofia Capettini

SPR Emerge Sofia Capettini

Tell us more about the piece you will be submitting to SPR:Emerge. 

This piece was inspired by the phrase “a window of opportunity”. It represents the vibrant community that is the Stony Plain Road area, enriched by the local businesses available. I highlighted the growth and potential of the area by using a vivid colour palette and choosing nature themes. The depiction of pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, parallels the existence of local businesses in the area. The diverse presence of pollinators are an integral part of sustaining our ecosystem, similar to how a variety of local businesses are an important factor to keeping community spirit alive. 

What makes you passionate about art?

I’m passionate about the ability that art has to create impact and drive change. It is a form of recording history through a humanistic lens, and has been used as a tool for making commentary on current situations beyond using words alone, which can be a driver for change and progress. It’s a way of forming connections through shared feelings and experiences, while encouraging people to think creatively.

How can art bring together a community? 

I think that art can bring a community together by facilitating communication and connection to people and places. It creates a space for people to gather and share ideas and experiences, and can encourage discourse. I think that the presence of art within a community can bring people joy and generate pride amongst its members, making them feel more connected to the space they reside in. 

How long have you been creating art for? 

I started creating art almost from the moment I learned how to properly use a pencil. Early in my childhood, drawing, colouring, and painting were some of my common past times. Throughout my middle school and high school years, with encouragement from my wonderful art class teachers, it became a more serious interest of mine which eventually drove me to study Visual Communication Design at the University of Alberta. Up to this point, it’s safe to say that I have been creating art more formally for about eight years.   

Which business will be displaying your art? 

I created a piece that will be displayed at the International Center of Early Learners and Development.

Where can people find you online? (Fb, or website etc.)

You can find me through my website at sofiacapettini.com and on Instagram at @sofiadesigns